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Perfect for loot bags!
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Ideas for beautiful and sustainable outdoor celebrations!

Ideas for beautiful and sustainable outdoor celebrations!

The movement for sustainability has grown and more consumers are making conscious decisions about the products they buy. We’re excited to share ideas on how you can make your outdoor celebrations sustainable and still just as eye-catching.

Victoria weather during the summer is perfect for outdoor celebrations. Summers along this part of Vancouver Island are perfect - not too hot and low humidity. So why celebrate indoors when you can be outside in the sun!

Whether you’re celebrating a monumental birthday, inviting a few friends for a BBQ or even just having summer picnic with your kids here are some ideas to keep in mind when organizing your event:

  1. Eco-Friendly Party Supplies - Party Plates
Party supplies these days are colourful AND eco-friendly! Sure there are compostable kraft plates you could pick up at the grocery store but if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or you want your celebration to be extra memorable we highly recommend checking out the Meri Meri collection of reusable bamboo & wood utensil party supplies.


The Meri Meri collection of reusable party supplies is also great to be reused countless times over. Simply bring them home, wash them and reuse them for your next party or picnic.
If the pastel colours aren’t your thing there are other themed paper party plates that can be recycled after their use - just ensure you put them in the recycling bin (without food).


2. Reusable or Recyclable Hanging Decorations
Hanging party decoration is quintessential to hosting a celebration. Depending on your event, celebrating outdoors might make it tricky for you to find something to hang your decor onto! But if you choose to hang decor we carry beautiful garlands in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your celebration needs. Best of all, they can be reused or recycled.


3. Purposeful Loot bag ideas and gifts

It’s common to see wasteful plastic toys and little trinkets be given away in loot bag gifts. They’re admired at the party for a second (sometimes not at all as kids are easily distracted and very preoccupied at these events).
We believe in gifting with purpose. Click here to view our selection of carefully curated gifts and activities for your little ones to gift to their friends - something that won’t end up in the landfill within seconds. Choose from earrings that can be worn all year, puzzles/activities that can be enjoyed or passed on and many other gifts of value.


Summer Picnics

Whether you’re hosting a birthday picnic or simply having a picturesque picnic with your family, having go-to picnic supplies ready and available can make life so much easier.

We’ve put together the perfect picnic celebration kit you can keep ready in waiting for the whole summer:

  1. Meri Meri Reusable Bamboo Plates
  2. Meri Meri Eco Friendly Napkins
  3. Meri Meri Reusable Cups
  4. Meri Meri Wooden Cutlery

There are many ways to customize your outdoor birthday celebration or summer picnic to be beautiful. And the cost to the environment won’t be so heavy.

After all, we’re here to help you create memories not waste.

Wishing you wonderful summer moments with your friends and family!




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