Pastel Halloween Stitched Streamer


An easy, and effective, way to decorate your Halloween party room is to use a colourful garland. Meri Meri has created a stunning streamer trio of orange, shiny silver and peach.

  • The garland is crafted from orange, shiny silver and peach high-quality crepe paper
  • The three shades of paper have been stitched together with white thread
  • Packaging made using eco-friendly paper
  • Reusable
  • Product length: 10'

Meri Meri is a design studio based in Cheltenham, England. With a gifted eye for trends and a never-failing mantra that childhood is sacred, Meri Meri has consistently been creating some of the best party supplies and fashion accessories for kids (and kids at heart) for over 35 years.