Princess Candles (set of 5)


Make your cupcakes, or special celebration cakes, look amazing with these magical candles. The set features 2 princesses, a beautiful butterfly, a castle and a sensational rainbow, all crafted with intricate details. They are perfect for a princess party.

  • Pack of 5 in 5 designs
  • The candles are mounted on plastic sticks for ease of use
  • Candle height - 2.075 inches (average)
White cake on a white cake stand has 3 cake candles in the shape of a princess, one candle is in the shape of a castle, there is a butterfly candle and a rainbow. A papermache swan sits on the table below the cake beside a princess party bag and a vase of flowers.

Meri Meri is a design studio based in Cheltenham, England. With a gifted eye for trends and a never-failing mantra that childhood is sacred, Meri Meri has consistently been creating some of the best party supplies and fashion accessories for kids (and kids at heart) for over 35 years.