Unicorn Enamel Hair Pins

$11.20 $16.00

Transform your hairstyle with these magical slides. Featuring enamel unicorns, stars, hearts, and rainbows in beautiful bright colours.

Meri Meri Hair accesories - unicorn enamel hair pins

  • Enamel on gilt brass
  • Gold-tone hair slides
  • Neon detail
  • Set of 6
  • Pack dimensions: 8.25 x 10.8 cm (3.25 x 4.25 in)
  • Designed by Meri Meri

Meri Meri is a design studio based in Cheltenham, England. With a gifted eye for trends and a never-failing mantra that childhood is sacred, Meri Meri has consistently created some of the best party supplies and fashion accessories for kids (and kids at heart) for over 35 years.